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Golden eagle spotted flying with trap dangling from its leg | UK News | Sky News

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Bold Eagles: Angry Birds Are Ripping $80,000 Drones Out of the Sky

During breeding time crowned eagles become much more visible and vocal as they make undulating areal displays at heights of up to 1km. This ritual is normally associated with breeding, but could also be an act of territorial domination. The nest of a Crowned Eagle is a huge structure of sticks which is repaired and enlarged every breeding season, making the nests grow bigger and bigger.

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Some nests grow to be about 2. The Crowned Eagle normally lays two eggs with an incubation period of about 50 days, during this time it is the female that mostly looks after the eggs. Once hatched the nestlings are fed for about days by the female, on food brought by the male.

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The younger chick almost always dies due to competition for food or by being killed by a stronger chick. It is for this reason that the Crowned Eagle only breeds every two years. June Sky Calendar. April 8, is the next solar eclipse! We are very lucky in that Lake Buchanan falls within the central path of this eclipse. Because we are in this central path, this means we will be able to see the full solar eclipse from Canyon of the Eagles!

How exciting is that?! We will start taking reservations for this spectacular event January 1, Stay tuned!

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Schedule a private star-viewing for your group it will be educational and a great way to end your day. Complete the form to receive pricing for your group and to get things started. Remember me Log in.

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Complimentary for in-house guests. A Message from our astronomer. As we move into April, the Great winter circle of bright stars, located in six different constellations, are moving into the western sky during the evening.

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See if you can locate these stars with an app or sky map. Moving East below the Gemini twins is the constellation Cancer the crab which is devoid of any bright magnitude stars. Below Cancer along the Zodiac Ecliptic is the constellation Leo rising above the eastern horizon.

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The handle of the sickle is the bright star in Leo called Regulus Alpha Leonis. Regulus is