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Memoirs of a Muhindi

Tone : Reflective, detached, bare bones, drama enough without added drama, inquisitive. She falls ill.

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She is deeply afraid. My suspicion is that the prologue was necessary here to heighten the drama and the uncertainty before introducing the much slower page of the next chapters, in which the reader, along with the narrator, grapples literally and figuratively with this new slowness in life. You could say she totally snailed it. Story: Rocker poet goddess Patti Smith tells the story of her two-decade friendship with artist Robert Mapplethrope, beginning when they were starving artists in the late s New York City arts scene. What comes next: Smith enters the story in of a misfit childhood growing up with artistic inclinations, very much a portrait of the artist as a young woman as a story of an artistic friendship.

Reasoning: The framing of this book is the friendship between the two artists, but Smith smartly begins by tracing her evolution before meeting Maplethorpe. She is experiencing his death as something profoundly terrifying, a jolt to her system that kick-starts the look back on his part in her life, and hers in his. Buy Just Kids. What comes next: A short essay laying out that the author is interested in both the dark and light of life, in figuring out why humans react on social media instead of pushing towards change, especially the change that can happen from within. Does it work : How brilliant of her — to anticipate questions readers, editors, and reviewers might have about the project and pull them out into a prologue, thus saving the real raw humanity for the book?

Buy The Authenticity Experiment. In a word, no. I did write one, but the voice was completely different than what I had established in my first chapter the one I had really liked. It felt like an essay unto itself, not a beginning, or even a chapter. In the end, I scrapped the whole thing entirely and am just beginning with chapter 1.

Sometimes that happens with writing — you have to clear the brush to find the path. But then, the glorious feeling of being on one! It's called:. Please note: I like to think of websites run by single people as salons in the home. Keep your comments civil and helpful. Your email address will not be published. Menu Skip to content. Travel Nest Wayfinding Resources. The unexpected benefits of forgetting to Here is the work a prologue can do in memoir: It can set the tone for the rest of the book.

Memoir can only really happen when time passes and the self reflects back differently on what occurred. It can set a framework. As Beth Kephart has said, memoir is structure — it is how the writer makes meaning.

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  4. In some memoir, the structure informs the narrative, and in others, the structure is the narrative. Think about books like Eat. It can create drama.

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    Putin: We will not allow you to undermine American democracy. Sanders is a throwback. This kind of book began to fall out of favor after the Second World War, partly because of television, partly because of the growing popularity of another kind of political book: the post-Presidential memoir. Grant left office deeply in debt and dying from cancer, and wrote the book because he needed the money.

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    Ex-Presidents are more candid than would-be Presidents. Kennedy offered the reader the chance to detect the real man in the men he admired in a book he did not write. Our strength is great. Our course is far from run. I have been unemployed. I have stood in an employment office, waiting for an assignment and a placement. I have shined shoes as a boy. I have worked on a highway crew from daylight until dark for a dollar a day. And, in what amounted to a gift for Nixon, George McGovern, weeks before the Democratic Convention, inexplicably published his doctoral dissertation, a study of the great coalfield war of Like gods and superheroes, Presidential candidates require origin stories; lately, these stories have involved their childhoods.

    The Ronald Reagan Story. In the fifties and early sixties, the age of Confidential magazine, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bette Davis, and Lionel Barrymore were among those who produced movie-star memoirs, books the press reported on, breathlessly. Who was the real Ronald Reagan? The story begins with the closeup of a bottom in a small town called Tampico in Illinois, on February 6, That is now the conservative position.

    Donors also bought thousands of copies as a way of making illegal campaign contributions. Nothing sells like celebrity.

    I Tried to Be Virginia Woolf. A Brilliant New Memoir Comes Closer.

    That settles it. Political memoirs reach readers, and they make money. People do buy these books; whether they read them or not is another question.

    The Democrats running for President in have walked in different shoes, from ballet slippers to football cleats. They carry different banners. They are fighting different fights. But most of their books contain one version or another of an eerily similar scene, from a single night. On November 8, , Kamala Harris, running for the Senate, was in California at a party with a thousand people.