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Try this if Game. You can make an array of all vampire races argonianracevampire, nordracevampire, etc. Last edited by PainkilleR ; 24 Mar pm. But, my first solution have advantages to check if you have a spell or not , but it's not working, and before finding a solution to my vampire issue, I would like to know why my condition is not working.

Have you an idea? I'm putting this condition on an "Effect Item" in a "Spell", maybe my issue is here, hmm? Last edited by Nemesis ; 24 Mar pm. It would be much easier to just use haskeyword and look for the keyword "vampire". Every vampire race has it, as well as the vampire lord race, so you can be sure if the player has that keyword, it's a vampire. A cataleptic episode can last many hours, even days, which would allow enough time for a burial. When the person came to, he or she might have been able to dig themselves out and return home. If the person did suffer from a psychological disorder, such as schizophrenia, he or she might have exhibited the strange and disturbing behavior associated with vampires.

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The behavior of actual corpses might have suggested vampirism as well. After death, fingernails and hair often appear to continue growing because the surrounding skin recedes , which may give the impression of life. Gases in the body expand, extending the abdomen, as if the body had gorged itself. If you were to stake a decomposing corpse, it could very well rupture, draining all sorts of fluids.

This might be taken as evidence that the corpse had been feeding on the living. While these conditions might have fueled a fear of the undead, the root causes of vampire lore are most likely psychological rather than physical. Death is one of the most mysterious aspects of life, and all cultures are preoccupied with it to some degree. One way to get a handle on death is to personify it -- to give it some tangible form. At their root, Lamastu, Lilith and similar early vampires are explanations for a terrifying mystery, the sudden death of young children and fetuses in the womb.

The strigoi and other animated corpses are the ultimate symbols of death -- they are the actual remains of the deceased. Vampires also personify the dark side of humanity. Lilith, Lamastu and the other early vampire demonesses are the opposite of the "good wife and mother.

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Similarly, undead vampires feed on their family, rather than supporting it. By defining evil through supernatural figures, people can get a better handle on their own evil tendencies -- they externalize them. The appearance of so many vampire-like monsters throughout history, as well as our continued fascination with vampires, demonstrates that this is a universal response to the human condition. It's simply human nature to cast our fears as monsters.

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To learn more about the rich mythology of vampires, as well as related creatures, check out the links below. One modern variation on the vampire legend is the "psychic vampire. Psychic vampires typically attempt to drain life-force energy through meditation and concentration.

If they do not feed, they say, they will become weak as if they had not eaten. According to some believers, this sort of vampire has been around for thousands of years. Some claim this phenomenon inspired the undead vampires of folklore. In many modern movies and books, vampires can take the form of a vampire bat, a real animal that feeds on blood.

In actuality, vampire bats don't usually kill their prey, and they pose little threat to humans.

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