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  2. They’re the only medium that allows for personalizing the artistic experience!
  3. Can Video Games Be Art?!
  4. The US legally recognizes video games as an art form.
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Why games should be taken as seriously as novels, films, and other forms of creative expression.

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Video games are an art form - Honi Soit

Address 1. Address 2. Mike Siff: And I would argue with them. Breaking Bad is worth watching. But that's a great point. We're at a stage where we're having that debate. There's the old-school view that television is bad for you.

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  • And we—well, you, the Digital Zeitgeisters—know that's not necessarily true. Ian Reddick: I think Bissell was saying there are these games you play and they're not poorly written but there's something about them where the seriousness comes across as melodrama. That might be true about music, a movie, and it's certainly true about a book, where it just really gets to you.

    An Argument That Video Games Are, Indeed, High Art

    What Bissell is trying to get at is, what does it take to make a video game where you play it and you feel that way— the final episode of a TV show or a good movie like It's a Wonderful Life that makes you weep. I mean, Angry Birds is probably not going to reach that level. Quick Links. Are Video Games Art? Condensed and edited by Katharine Reece MFA '12 Early video games were pretty basic: consider Atari's arcade hit Paperboy, the objective of which was to land papers perfectly on subscribers' doorsteps and avoid crashing your bike.

    Are video games art? Eight reasons to say yes...

    Wujing Wang: But it doesn't have to be a story. Even just graphics. Omar Noel: But those graphics come along with a story. This constant pursuit towards an almost literal insertion of the audience into a simulated reality is what metaphysics philosopher Baudrillard described as our generations navigation of the digital universe.

    Are Video Games Art?

    Audiences are being exposed to a mixture of immersive technologies, plot, art and music, suggesting a means of experiencing art in ways it has never been consumed before. We are speeding towards a future where the games we play are not something just admired from the surface—the screen—but rather, a beauty we engage with physically, and surrounded by on demand. Art, from paintings to film to virtual reality, has always intended its audience to get lost in the medium. The level of attention given at every level, towards every facet of the gameplay—animation, level design, voice acting and, even motion capture—reveals a commitment to artistic realisation that, when paired with story and duration rivals film production quality.

    The possibilities of video games rival what artists have attempted to do since time immemorial. By being able to recreate or fabricate reality, these products suggest that society has sadly ignored a highly influential field in the art world.

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    • Video games are an art form.
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    • 1. The game that explored the beautiful and sublime.
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