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But as a do-everything-yourself entrepreneur, it can be frustrating to discover just how much trial and error and learning is involved in the beginning, especially as you bet real dollars on real outcomes. A good ad in front of the wrong people? Or a mediocre ad in front of the right people? Maybe some of them will, but a lot of different people like and drink Starbucks over 33 million on Facebook in fact.

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We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Get started. One of the best ways to find interests you can target is to put yourself in the shoes of whoever you think your customer is:. Do some exploring and see what you learn about the interests that make them unique compared to the masses. Facebook will suggest related pages that offer up even more interests you can potentially target.

Five Secrets of Facebook Marketing Pros | MarketingProfs

A common mistake with paid advertising, regardless of platform, is going too broad with the audiences we choose to target. Why pay to reach the wrong people? Be willing to go beyond that with your budget in the beginning as you test your audience and ads. But as you rack up more purchases, that data set becomes better informed. In marketing, insight is often undervalued in the pursuit of results. Was it the audience? Was it the ad? Was it the timing? Was it a combination of a few things? As much as you can, try to isolate one variable to test so you can go forward after the experiment with knowledge you can act upon.

This will help you identify whether your problem is your audience, your website layout, or some other issue. A lot of the features in the Facebook Ad Manager get lost in its own complexity, especially when it comes to getting a view of your performance to glean insights.

Five Things Pro Facebook Marketers Do Differently

You should definitely customize your columns to get additional information. The company manages over a billion dollars of ad spend. Marketing agencies might want to know my top takeaways from analyzing hundreds of different agency growth strategies and the hundreds of different pricing experiments I did at WordStream. So I'm sharing my best strategies, along with the top tips from six other agency growth coaches and strategists from the fastest-growing brands in digital.

Read them and then go see what's going on at the full-day free online conference just for growing marketing agencies. WordStream is one of the world's largest online advertising agencies and one key way we were able to do this was by offering something new and differentiated. We were really early to offer support for Google Ads, and this was back when nobody was doing this.

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  • If you're selling Google Ads or Facebook Ads in , chances are your prospective new clients already have an agency handling this, and you're probably not going to get the client. What you can do is offer something new and differentiated such as chat marketing in your services mix. Do a really great job at killing it in that little opportunity that they've afforded you, and then land and expand.

    You can take over the rest of the client's agency marketing business because you've done such a killer job at optimizing the chat campaigns. They'll think you're a magician with the kind of results you can drive with Messenger marketing compared to conventional Facebook advertising.

    6 Facebook Ads Tools and Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2019 (Spy FB Ads & Crush Them!)

    By doing this you can position yourself as THE expert to that particular subset of prospects, making you stand out from the majority of the competition. In addition, you can scale much faster by replicating the same strategies that have proven to work for each client.

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    • You also attract more qualified prospects when you specialize. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile around this type of client and how you help them, as well as including this on your website, will help you appear in search results for targeted keywords and will catch the attention of your dream prospects.

      Facebook Targeting with Lookalikes

      While temptation to focus on one thing you know best might be hard to resist, marketing evolves every day. And evolution might be very unforgiving. In marketing you always have to learn and try new channels and strategies. When Facebook changed algorithm in many businesses were hit. Many pure SMM agencies lost customers. SEMrush has over 10, agency customers and we see that the most successful agencies provide multiple different services to their clients.

      It helps to increase ACVs, better retain customers and in general help to build more sustainable business.

      1. Failing to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy!

      My advice before you get tactical is to really understand your agency's positioning in the marketplace and the customer segments you're going after. With these set, it's so much easier to go-to-market and gain traction with your growth initiatives, building the word-of-mouth referrals vital to any agency's success.

      One of the most important tactics for a marketing agency to grow is to identify a vertical in which they have been successful and tailor their marketing strategy to emphasize that success. Creating a recipe to continually deliver positive results to clients within a new vertical is crucial.

      It's easy to fall into the old "cobbler's child" mentality as a marketing agency, so have concrete goals, accountability and the team in place to run and manage your own marketing and advertising. That might mean creating a parallel structure for project managers and dedicated channel managers that work on your own business's marketing campaigns. Devote the same committed resources to marketing and advertising your business as you do for your clients.